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Transforming Workspaces: The Path to a Sustainable Office

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Transforming Workspaces: The Path to a Sustainable Office

In this day and age, it is important to make your work place and office as sustainable as possible (check here for more information on sustainability: So we are going to give you a few pointers in this direction below.

Improve distribution service

If you must send mail, hire a climate-neutral shipping service. Package products in the most eco-friendly way possible. Forgo packaging materials containing plastic and opt for plant-based alternatives, such as corn starch, grass-based paper or hemp.

Use junk disposal services when needed

When too much clutter and junk has accumulated in your work place, it is time to hire a junk disposal specialist (check a good and reputable dumpster rental company here:

This way they will take care of all your waste in one go, and it will be discarded in a sustainable way, recycling whatever is recyclable and avoiding any incineration (check this for more information about green gases:, which is the most harmful for the environment. And of course once the dumpster and all the waste are gone, your office will be as clean as it can be.

Sustainable projects

A hand open and stretched upwards with a young shoot in its heart is used to symbolize the creation of sustainable projects in the office. If you want to get a little more involved, you can support environmental organizations, either financially or through a personal commitment, through example:

  • Make donations to public utility associations (can be deducted from taxes)
  • Sustainable development and social projects are welcome, for example, collecting waste in the neighborhood or helping local initiatives
  • Organize an environmental action day in the company, in which you will involve employees in a specific approach. Gather tips for more sustainability in the office through workshops
  • Ask your colleagues for ideas for implementing an environmental protection policy in the office, for example through electronic surveys

Use environmentally friendly office supplies

It is quite easy to reduce the use of office equipment. Next time you purchase ballpoint pens, glue, or highlighters, be sure to choose eco-friendly alternatives. Ecological prevention in the office begins with its environment.

Good environmental practices in the office involve good integration of exterior elements and good management of the spaces surrounding the buildings. Indoor plants are present in almost every office. These primarily contribute to the well-being of employees by creating a pleasant visual appearance and a comfortable atmosphere.

To a very small extent, certain varieties even promote the improvement of indoor air by fixing harmful substances such as formaldehyde or benzene. This hypothesis is based on a study conducted by NASA in 1989, according to which the ability of indoor plants to improve ambient air is often overestimated. Today, new scientific data from the EPA makes it possible to determine to what extent indoor plants really improve indoor air quality. In fact, they only do so to a very small extent.

Besides indoor plants, there are other possibilities to bring more ecology to the office:

  • Business sites close to nature
  • Outdoor company spaces, such as parking lots or lawns, are often dreary and of limited ecological utility. However, these could constitute an excellent framework for providing habitat for a varied biotope. The ecological relevance of these spaces depends on different factors such as the environment, location and environmental conditions

If your company has spaces that are mostly fallow, you can use these areas to provide a habitat conducive to small flora and fauna.

To manage biodiversity (check here for more information on sustainability: with a global approach integrating human activity, and not with a sole logic of protecting species, here is a brochure designed by the department of ecology and sustainable development with the participation of multiple companies and associations which will give you plenty of information and advice regarding the concepts of revegetation, species protection and biodiversity on company sites.

Create habitats at your workplace

If you do not have outdoor spaces and you nevertheless want to create a habitat conducive to plants or small wildlife, you can, if necessary, do so on the windowsill or on the facade of the building. Here are some ideas that can easily be implemented in or around your workplace for sustainable office development:

      Plant herbs or vegetables on windowsills
      Plant flowers or decorative plants on windowsills
      Install insect shelters or bird nesting boxes on windowsills or facades

What should you pay attention to when using electrical appliances

Set all electrical appliances to energy saving mode. At the end of the working day, turn off all devices and unplug them from the electrical network. Even sleep mode consumes electricity!

How to clean an office in an eco-friendly way

If you employ someone to clean, give them instructions on using sustainable cleaning products. Avoid products containing biocides, solvents, perfumes or inorganic acids! If the use of chemical cleaning products is unavoidable, use them sparingly.

If you want to clean your office while respecting the environment, you must, wherever possible, use proven home remedies:

  • Citric acid acts against limescale
  • Gall soap is suitable for removing stains
  • The mixture of baking soda and vinegar cleans clogged pipes

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