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Pollution in Florida

Florida is battling deadly algae blooms.

The Florida government is taking action to help combat algae blooms, which have been plaguing the state. The blooms have the potential to hurt the economy due to the tourism industry and create environmental disasters which can harm the marine animals and ecosystems that depend on the water. In order to help fight these blooms,

The government of Florida is taking action by trying to track where and how they are forming as well as encouraging more efforts to stop them from happening. They’re also encouraging citizens to help by reporting blooms they see. Florida currently has five dead zones in their water and three of those are from algae blooms. The government and citizens are working together to stop or reverse the issue before it becomes a problem.

What algae blooms in Florida may have in common with the Great Lakes.

Algae blooms are something we have all heard of, but may not fully understand what they are. Algae are microscopic organisms living in various aquatic environments. They can grow very quickly due to their fast reproductive cycle. They can be harmful to humans and animals when they produce toxic substances.

They can also make water unfit for drinking. However, they can be useful to humans. For example, they can be used as a food source or methane fuel, a nice way to recycle them. It is essential to keep an eye on algae blooms in the water you swim in, drink and use for recreation. The only way to do this is to constantly monitor the water for signs of algae.

Treatment and monitoring of water quality in Florida

Florida drinking water is among the best in the US. It’s mostly tap water provided by the local municipalities. However, private wells are not regulated and some of them may be contaminated. If you live in a county with a public water treatment plant, you’re likely drinking good water.

But, if you live in an area with a private well, you may want to check your water quality periodically. According to junk disposal experts at a Jacksonville dumpster rental provider, chlorine is the main disinfectant used in public water treatment facilities. It’s a strong chemical that can cause health issues if the chlorine level is too high.

There were many reported cases of stomach infections and illnesses due to this. If you notice a strange or foul odor coming from your tap water, it may be time for you to get a new water filter.

Taking a deeper look at Florida’s algae blooms

Algae blooms, also known as red tide, have been and continue to be a major issue for the state of Florida, and there are not enough dumpster rentals to take care of this issue. There are both natural and unnatural causes. There are multiple causes for both single-celled and multi-celled organisms, so the reasons can be counted on all hands and feet.

Daytona junk disposal experts claim that single-celled organisms are commonly blue-green algae, which are toxic and can cause skin irritation, respiratory issues, and gastrointestinal problems from consumption. Two main, unnatural causes of algae blooms are phosphorus and nitrogen runoff from fertilizers, which feed the algae. Phosphorus is primarily responsible for the Florida Red Tide, while nitrogen runoff is responsible for freshwater cyanobacteria blooms.

Major sources of pollution in Florida

While many factors can contribute to pollution and waste management issues, the main two culprits in Florida is the agricultural industry and the excessive amount of chemicals that are released into waterways.

For example, run-off from agricultural fields, such as the use of fertilizers after the harvest of crops can contribute to the pollution of waterways. While there are many ways to prevent this from happening, one way is to ask farmers to follow the practices of catch-and-release irrigation.

Catch-and-release irrigation is when the farmer only waters the crops that need it and keeps the water flowing after it has been applied. This will prevent the excess runoff into waterways. However, this is not the only solution, as the state may also have to put regulations in place and fine farmers who pollute waterways.

Pollution affect the people in Florida

Pollution and waste management issues are affecting people’s health in Florida. There are a lot of toxic chemicals and hazardous materials that are affecting people’s everyday lives. These chemicals can be found in the air, so people can breathe them, and in the water, so people can swim or drink them.

Even if people don’t have certain reactions to these chemicals right away, they are still impacting the body. If people are exposed to these chemicals long enough they will start having health problems.

Florida is fast becoming the pollution capital of the US

Unfortunately Florida is fast becoming the pollution capital of the United States. This is due to several factors.

First, despite being known for its large tourist industry, Florida is also a state that is home to a large number of industries. This creates a lot of pollution due to the fact that factories are unable to function without copious amounts of electricity.

Also, although it is not a factory, the Everglades National Park is also a major polluter due to the large amount of water that is pumped through it. Its not just pollution that is a problem but land pollution as well. There has been a lot of controversy about landfills that are located near homes.

If we don’t take some drastic steps to save Florida’s swamps, and if we don’t take steps soon, we may lose one of the most important ecosystems in our country and the world.

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The American Presidential Election

January 2017 marks a big change for America. The country will have a new head of the state and the planet’s largest military force will have a new commander-in-chief. It is a big role and the race is becoming bitter as the 8th of November, Election Day, is fast approaching.

The latest poll published in the Telegraph shows Clinton leading the presidential race by 3.6%. An article from New York Times, however, shows that final election result can still differ by about four percentage points. With the numbers between Clinton and Trump being too close, it is reasonable to assume that this election is still far from over.

In other words, it is now, more than ever, that Americans need to vote. How does this work?

America’s 50 states award a candidate Electoral College votes, which depends on the state’s number of Congressional members. This also means it is roughly based on the population of a certain state. This Electoral College vote is more important than the popular vote. So this means that if, for example, Clinton’s campaign wins in big Democratic States such as California, New York, Illinois, and New Jersey, these populous states could elect her as the new President of America.

To put this in context, Obama, in 2008, received 68% of Electoral College vote. This means the outgoing president was backed by the most highly populated states of the country.

What are swing states?

We always hear about the swing states in discussions about the elections. But, what is it? The Telegraph defines swing states as the battlegrounds where a presidential candidate wins over the other. These areas are identified based on the thin margin between the two candidates. In other words, the result can still go either way.

This makes the Electoral College in these swing states crucial to the final election result especially since they make up 270 votes, a significant number to win the election. There are no fixed swing states for every election. They vary depending on the most debated or controversial topics during the election. Regardless, these states are definitely the target areas for a presidential political campaign.

An interesting trivia is that Ohio has always been mentioned in campaigns as an important area. This is because the candidate who wins in Ohio wins the election. This has been true since the 1964 elections. This makes Ohio a busy state during the campaign season especially since the average margin of victory here is only 3%. With the current poll results however, any state is a swing state at this point.

Why are the polls neck-and-neck?

Both Trump and Clinton are unpopular both to the public and even to their own parties. There are Republicans who refuse to endorse Trump, while Clinton is suffering the same lack of endorsement from the Democrats.

Surveys from CBS News and New York Times reflect the public’s lack of trust to both candidates. For example, when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness, Clinton received 33% while Trump received 35%. When it comes to values, 57% of Americans say that they do not have the same values as Clinton, while Trump received 62% in the same category.

This election is also an interesting time as far as the division of demographics in America is concerned. More whites and men support Republicans, while ethnic minorities and women support Clinton.

Race is one of the biggest demographics that could dictate the result of this election. Trump is not very popular with Hispanics and black people, who account for a considerable percentage in key swing states. On the other hand, education, another big demographic, is more in favor of Trump than Clinton.

Under the US constitution, the new president will be inaugurated on the 20th of January, 2017. After the election, given the vote is decisive, the winning candidate will begin crafting a policy agenda as well as assembling a cabinet. This is when the real work starts. At the moment, however, the world is focused on who the US electorate decides to put in the Whitehouse.

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