23 May 2011

Armchair BEA: Welcome to eclectic / eccentric

This year I am participating in the Armchair BEA! I was rather devastated by not going to BEA this year as I had a blast last year, but I must say that the opportunity to take part in the Armchair version has been healing my hurt. :) Today is introductions day, so...

About eclectic / eccentric
eclectic / eccentric is a blog which primarily features book reviews written by someone who sees value in both Hamlet and Harry Potter. Classic lit, graphic novels, SFF, YAL, plays, films, it's all here. Books reviewed on the blog are from my personal collection (which is embarrassingly large), the library, and from authors and publishing houses.

eclectic / eccentric came about because I love stories and sharing those stories with others. My job feeds my passion as I am lucky enough to be a college professor teaching composition, literature, and film courses.  For more about me and information on how to contact me, visit the About page.

If you are interested in seeing what books I've written on in the past, I have two possibilities for searching.  You can find reviews by author or by title.

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Other Places You'll Find Me

My Armchair BEA Plans

Today is not a good day. Today I have jury duty. Keep your fingers crossed that all I have to do is sit there and read. Even the thought of being called to serve on a jury gets me all jittery!

Tuesday is Giveaway Day, so be sure to stop back by.....................

On Wednesday, we will be posting interviews of other participants. I was lucky enough to be assigned Ashley from Book Labyrinth and had a great time pestering her with questions.

Thursday is all about Nurturing Relationships with bloggers, publishing companies, authors, bookstores, etc. We will also be having a Twitter party

Finally, on Friday, we will be posting about blogging: tips and tricks, ins and outs, ups and downs.

Thanks for stopping by eclectic / eccentric, and I look forward to getting to know you!


  1. Such a shame you couldn't make it again this year! This sounds really good - is it too late to join up to participate?

  2. Oh no, Jury duty! I had to do it once, and wouldn't you know, I got picked for a trial. The case ended up being thrown out, but I was upset that I didn't get to sit and read all day! I hope it turns out quick for you!

  3. Jury duty?? Womp womp womp. Hope you don't get picked--especially as you're on your summer vacation now! Joining in the festivities at the last minute so we'll see how it goes but looking forward to it!

  4. Trisha, Jury duty not fun. I hope you don't get picked.

    I have been reading a few blogs so far this morning and it seems like we are all in the same boat about being devastated about not going to BEA this year especially after going last year. I was okay about not going again this year but after the weekend I was upset.

    Hope to see you next year :)

  5. I'm happy I'll never have to due Jury duty (I work in the court house where I live). I'm not really participating much in BEA, but I'll be following everyone who does.

  6. Nice to meet ya. ;)
    You might be able to get out of jury duty if/when they ask you questions, you say something like, 'I read a book with a case like this! and I really thought the guy was guilty", etc. They'd dismiss you quick. maybe.
    I got out of jury duty when the case recalled a very sad scary situation that happened to a friend and when I said so, they told me I could leave now.

  7. Just be all bitchy and stuff when they ask you questions. Like you believe hanging should be brought back, you hate anyone who isn't white, and have a tattoo of Hitler on your ass. Then they will leave you alone so you can read. I'm looking forward to your posts for the rest of the week!

  8. Ah, jury duty! I haven't had to do that yet. I must say I'm sort of intrigued by the idea, but I know in real life it would be more boring than on TV.

    It was a pleasure to answer your questions. =)

  9. Bethany - I don't think it's too late at all!

    Heather - That really stinks! I really really lucked out. They told us we could leave after about two hours of just sitting (and reading)!

    Trish - I am sure you will be able to swing last-minute awesomeness.

    Cindy - I was the same way. I was fine until a few weeks ago; then I actually tried to make it work, but no luck! Hopefully next year!

    Jules - Everyone can participate in different ways, so even blog hopping works!

    Care - I love it! If I'm ever called again, I am definitely using books to answer questions...

    Sandy - LOL! I thought about acting like a ditz, being all "well if they made it all the way to trial, they must be guilty" and the such not. Luckily, I only had to spend two hours at the courthouse before they let all of us go!!!

    Ashley - I watch a lot of criminal-type shows on tv, and I seriously thought about mentioning that like I was bragging. They would then think I was totally stupid and let me go. :)

  10. Thanks for stopping by to say hello on my blog (which is my only blog, I swear, although you commented about two?). I sometimes dream about getting into academia (librarianship, at least). Good luck with jury duty today!

  11. Nice to find another academic with a wide range of tastes in the blogosphere! Great blog.

  12. Ohmygosh, Care and Sandy had me laughing. Both are right, though. If you act prejudiced in some way, they'll let you go.

    I haven't made it to BEA, yet. Maybe next year. Sorry you had to miss out. I chose not to go because I've got too many other places that I have to (or want to) go instead, this year!

  13. As a lawyer, I think I should remind you that it is your civic duty and you should gladly serve to serve on a jury if necessary. But as a person, jury duty is no fun at all.

    Hope you have a jury-free Armchair BEA. :)

  14. Good luck on with jury duty!! :o(

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy BEA!

  15. Thanks for dropping by my ArmchairBEA post! I hope jury duty won't be that tiring and that you'd have time to squeeze in some reading that. See you around ArmchairBEA this week. :)

  16. I hope you got to just read today! Or at least read a lot! Nice to meet a fellow Indie Lit Awards judge! I'm on the lit fiction category. Have fun armchairing!

  17. I hope the jury duty went well.

  18. Kristi - I knew about The Lesbrary, but not Books, Yarn, Ink..!

    Col - I'm really excited by how many of us there are around!

    Bookfool - I never would have pulled it off, so I'm glad I didn't have to!

    Michelle - LOL! I kept trying to remind myself that it is a small price to pay for living in a free society where a trial by jury is possible, but then I got uncomfortable and annoyed. :)

    Mickey - Happy BEA to you too!

    Chachic - I got to read a whole book, and I didn't have to sit a trial, so I'm thrilled!

    Aths - I read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas! I noticed you were another Indie judge!

    Esme - No sweat. Two hours of reading and time for home!

  19. This may sound weird but I actually would love to do jury duty. But then again I do plan on working in criminal justice field. LOL But just sitting and reading sounds nice!

  20. Hi Trisha! Glad you're joining in this week. Sorry about the jury duty. You know, I've always wanted to be called and the one time I was, I couldn't get anyone to watch my kids so I was excused. =O( Maybe next time!

    Hope you enjoy the week anyway and I will stop by and visit again!

  21. So glad I've never had to do jury duty yet. :-)

  22. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought I was an eclectic reader, but it seems I still need to expand my horizons.

    I am a new follower.

  23. I'm doing Armchair BEA too. Someday I'd like to attend the convention.

    When I went for jury duty I got interviewed and dismissed twice. I'm not sure what they didn't like but I got to go home after sitting around reading for a few days.

  24. What bad timing to be asked to do jury duty. I hope you only have time to read as well

  25. It's great to see you've joined in too! This armchair BEA thing is keeping me as busy as the actual event (I imagine, I haven't been to it).

    I'll check your posts again later this week. Stop by to win a book from me!

  26. Ugh, jury duty! Hope all goes well- so nice to meet you, and thanks for dropping by. Look forward to reading more of your blog :D

  27. Did you get out of it? I hope so. Can't wait to see what you come up with this week.

  28. I hope that everything worked out for you. I'm looking forward to getting to know you this week.

  29. Trisha -
    Thanks so much for stopping by What She Read and ActionReaders. So many of the members of our brand new ning are profs. and teachers that I'm beginning to ponder why that might be...

    How wonderful to teach film in addition to lit. and comp.: I teach the latter two, and would welcome the opportunity to explore the former as well.

    I'm enjoying your blog mightily, and following now.

  30. Eek, jury duty. And when you could be Armchair BEA-ing as well. I hope you have fun this week, despite jury duty!

    And as I am reminded every time you mention your job: I wish you'd been MY college professor!

  31. I love how you say you see "value in both Hamlet and Harry Potter."

    I'm actually a little jealous. I've never been called for jury duty and think it would be neat to have happen just once.


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