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5 Worst Kitchen Staples You Should Throw Away

Living an active lifestyle is important if you want to stay fit. However, it does not just stop there. Believe it or not, your diet has a lot more to contribute to your physical and mental fitness than just exercising alone.

Though it is quite easy to mess up healthy food choices, a balanced diet should always be your number one priority when preparing meals. For some people who have never struggled with their weight, they can easily pick up any food or snack in the grocery store without thinking about its impact on their health.

What is in your kitchen that is putting you at risk of the most detrimental diseases known to mankind? Here are five of the unhealthiest foods that you are probably consuming at a daily basis.

Potato Chips

This is perhaps the most enjoyed snack in the entire country and one of the unhealthiest foods that you can pick up in a grocery store. Potato chips are fat-filled bad carbs that do nothing but add numbers to your scale and waistline.

In fact, you can consider potato chips as “cancer in a bag” as they contain the chemical acrylamide – a carcinogen that is formed when foods are baked or fried at high heat.

According to Prof. Dale Hattis of Clark University, several thousand of cancer cases per year in America are most likely from acrylamide consumption.

Processed Meats

The American Institute for Cancer Research states that smoked, salted, cured and chemically preserved meats are linked to colon cancer. As these products tend to contain too much fat, salt, sugar and cholesterol, they also contribute to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases.

Processed meats are delicious and inexpensive. But as much as you enjoy them, you have to throw them out and source your meats from lean unprocessed sources.

Microwave Dinners

For people who cannot seem to find the time to prepare their own meals, microwave dinners are a God-sent blessing. However, do not be fooled by their size. Frozen dinners may be tiny but they are loaded with calories.

According to, there is a popular brand of chicken pot pie sold in grocery stores that has 1,020 calories per serving and has 64 grams of fat. Although there are low-fat versions of microwave dinners, they are still heavily seasoned with sodium and are highly processed.

Instead of buying microwave dinners, you can meal prep once a week and cook healthier meals. It is a lot like eating a microwave dinner but only better and healthier.

Soft Drinks

The easiest way to gain weight is to drink soda regularly. As delicious and refreshing as they are, soft drinks can actually double your risk of getting pancreatic cancer by simply drinking a few glasses a week.

Aside from pancreatic cancer, you ultimately increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as developing diabetes by simply consuming two and a half glasses of soda every day. If you are a daily soda-drinker, it is best to completely get rid of them from your diet and start living a more healthy life.

You can create your own refreshing and fizzy drink by mixing carbonized water and healthy fruit juices. They are healthier for you and your family and you will lose weight fast.


Margarine has many uses for many different dishes. But regardless of its reputation as the cholesterol-free and healthy alternative to butter, it is still a source of trans fats. Trans fats can damage your blood vessels, elevate cholesterol and cause coronary diseases.

Olive oil and other monounsaturated fat sources are better alternatives to butter and margarine.

If you have any plans for staying active and fit, it is only vital that you throw away any food from your fridge that contributes to the downfall of your health. If you do not make this change as soon as possible, your family’s state of health might be at risk.

By studying about clean and healthy eating, you can help restock your kitchen with nutrient-dense foods that will supercharge your health. Keeping wholefoods and fresh produce in sight will help you stay determined in preparing healthy meals for you and your family’s benefit.

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Why Women Want Flat Bellies So Bad

lean belly
Why do women dream of a flat belly and how can they get one? Does it cost money to get a nice belly and body in general? If you want to know the answer to these questions and more, you can continue reading.

If you look all around at the media and things of that nature, women all seem to have a flat belly. No matter what you see in advertising or music videos, the women look healthy and like they are not large at all.

Did you know a lot of what you see is edited and that’s not a very realistic standard to hold yourself up against? But, some famous women do a lot of work to stay healthy, so it’s still not a bad idea to look up to these women that try their best to be in good shape.

A good way to get a flat belly is to exercise. When you exercise, you don’t just want to stick with the areas related to the belly fat you want to lose. You have to work your whole body out if you want to look your best.

There are all kinds of gyms spread around cities that you can go to if you want to get into better shape. If you don’t want other people to see you quite yet, you can start working out at home until you get to a point where you’re comfortable exercising in public.

Another big part of getting a flat belly is eating the right kinds of food. People get carried away when it comes to what they eat because they go for snacks all the time and rarely eat what is good for them.

If you want to get the flat belly you’re dreaming of, you need to get junk out of your diet. You need to get all of the healthy nutrients from fruits, veggies, and meals that are made without a lot of extra ingredients that are known to be bad for you.

Make a list of goals that you can work on. You can, for instance, make it a point to do 20 minutes of working out every day after you get off work. Maybe you can go on a walk for a while every few days, too.

Staying active is a good idea, because if you don’t, then it won’t matter what you eat. You have to give your body fuel, and then you have to use that fuel. Once you start to eat right and exercise, you’ll be able to exercise more and more without getting all that tired when you’re done.

There are also ways to get a flat belly that include plastic surgery. They can laser away fat or they may do some other kind of procedure. This is a last resort for most people, because looking your best is usually as easy as eating the proper diet.

Speaking of eating a proper diet, you also have to watch out for what you are drinking when it comes to your daily beverages. You may be able to cut a lot of calories if you don’t drink soda or things like sugary coffee drinks since they add to a weight problem.

When women want to get healthy and have a flat belly, a mix of diet and exercise is the best way to get there. You are now familiar with what you can do to get your belly to look the way you want it to. You’ll be very happy with the results you get if you work hard at it.

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Main London Universities

London is a world-class city with a history that goes back 2,000 years. It also has some of the oldest universities in the world, and some of the most prestigious as well. So, what are the top universities in London? There are several, but these are some of the best. They offer a wide range of courses, perfect for anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge with a post-secondary education.

University College London

Usually ranked in the top 10 universities in the entire world, including as high as fourth, this university is incredibly popular with international students who make up 33 per cent of the body of students.

The UCL university offers 10 faculties, and its campuses and teaching hospitals are located right in the middle of central London. Easily one of the best universities to enroll in.

Imperial College London

Another university that often ranks high in the QS World University Rankings, Imperial College placed fifth in 2014, this science-focused institution puts extra importance on laboratory work to go with the excellent research and teaching that can be found at the school.

International students make up about 33 per cent of the student population, and it is located near the centre of London, close to Hyde Park, Royal Albert Hall, Harrods and some of the best museums in the entire city.

London School of Economics and Political Science

The UK’s only university that specializes in social sciences. Ranking 68th in the world, it does much better in subject rankings and it is seen as a world-leading university in subjects such as politics, sociology, accounting and law. Students from over 150 countries come to this school to learn from their extremely qualified instructors.

King’s College London

Ranking 19th in the world, this college is a leader in academics and scholarship opportunities. It has five London campuses, with four sitting on the banks of the Thames, right near the middle of London. This university excels in a number of subjects.

Queen Mary, University of London

Offering teaching and research in several subjects including medicine and dentistry, 10 per cent of the students are from other EU countries, and 30 per cent come from elsewhere in the world. It is located near several important landmarks and it is an important university within London in a number of subjects.

Royal Holloway University of London

Considered to be one of the most beautiful universities in the world, it is a global university with 100 students coming from other countries, offering a wide variety of degrees and courses in a number of areas including arts, humanities, social sciences, economics, management and science. It is located about an hour away from central London via public transit.

City University London

Located within the historic financial and commercial district of London, it offers many different classes and features some world-renown universities including the Sir John Cass Business School, the School of Health Sciences and City Law School. A total of 17,000 students are enrolled here, with 16 per cent coming from elsewhere in the European Union and 28 per cent coming from elsewhere in the world.

Brunel University

Named after Kingdom Brunel, one of the greatest players in engineering in history, it is one of the top engineering and design schools in the entire world. In the eighteenth century visionary Kingdom Brunel took a number of gambles with innovative engineering designs and this often paid off with projects such as tunnels and bridges.

Brunel University offers several other courses as well, including business, law, information systems, sport and health sciences. It has 15,000 students, many of whom come from over 100 other countries in the world. It is located in West London, about an hour away from the city center via public transit.

Birkbeck College University of London

This is the only university in London that allows students to complete full three-year degrees through evening courses, while providing all the benefits of daytime study. Located in the Bloomsbury area, students are able to complete a day’s work before they attend class. Birkbeck teaches many different students ranging in ages and abilities. The average age of students is 34, and students come from 100 other countries to enrol.

University of East London

Tracing its roots back to 1892, this university offers classes in psychology, arts and digital industries, bioscience, law, business, engineering and much more. With three campuses, it boasts 28,000 students coming from 120 countries around the world.

University of Greenwich

Established in 1890, the subjects taught here range from architecture and business, to humanities and natural sciences. There is a strong research focus at the university, with well-established links to the scientific community. It features a total of three campuses, with 27,723 students attending.

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The American Presidential Election

January 2017 marks a big change for America. The country will have a new head of the state and the planet’s largest military force will have a new commander-in-chief. It is a big role and the race is becoming bitter as the 8th of November, Election Day, is fast approaching.

The latest poll published in the Telegraph shows Clinton leading the presidential race by 3.6%. An article from New York Times, however, shows that final election result can still differ by about four percentage points. With the numbers between Clinton and Trump being too close, it is reasonable to assume that this election is still far from over.

In other words, it is now, more than ever, that Americans need to vote. How does this work?

America’s 50 states award a candidate Electoral College votes, which depends on the state’s number of Congressional members. This also means it is roughly based on the population of a certain state. This Electoral College vote is more important than the popular vote. So this means that if, for example, Clinton’s campaign wins in big Democratic States such as California, New York, Illinois, and New Jersey, these populous states could elect her as the new President of America.

To put this in context, Obama, in 2008, received 68% of Electoral College vote. This means the outgoing president was backed by the most highly populated states of the country.

What are swing states?

We always hear about the swing states in discussions about the elections. But, what is it? The Telegraph defines swing states as the battlegrounds where a presidential candidate wins over the other. These areas are identified based on the thin margin between the two candidates. In other words, the result can still go either way.

This makes the Electoral College in these swing states crucial to the final election result especially since they make up 270 votes, a significant number to win the election. There are no fixed swing states for every election. They vary depending on the most debated or controversial topics during the election. Regardless, these states are definitely the target areas for a presidential political campaign.

An interesting trivia is that Ohio has always been mentioned in campaigns as an important area. This is because the candidate who wins in Ohio wins the election. This has been true since the 1964 elections. This makes Ohio a busy state during the campaign season especially since the average margin of victory here is only 3%. With the current poll results however, any state is a swing state at this point.

Why are the polls neck-and-neck?

Both Trump and Clinton are unpopular both to the public and even to their own parties. There are Republicans who refuse to endorse Trump, while Clinton is suffering the same lack of endorsement from the Democrats.

Surveys from CBS News and New York Times reflect the public’s lack of trust to both candidates. For example, when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness, Clinton received 33% while Trump received 35%. When it comes to values, 57% of Americans say that they do not have the same values as Clinton, while Trump received 62% in the same category.

This election is also an interesting time as far as the division of demographics in America is concerned. More whites and men support Republicans, while ethnic minorities and women support Clinton.

Race is one of the biggest demographics that could dictate the result of this election. Trump is not very popular with Hispanics and black people, who account for a considerable percentage in key swing states. On the other hand, education, another big demographic, is more in favor of Trump than Clinton.

Under the US constitution, the new president will be inaugurated on the 20th of January, 2017. After the election, given the vote is decisive, the winning candidate will begin crafting a policy agenda as well as assembling a cabinet. This is when the real work starts. At the moment, however, the world is focused on who the US electorate decides to put in the Whitehouse.

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